Heart is an organ which pumps blood throughout the body via circulatory system and providing oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and expel carbon-dioxide and other waste. The tissues need regular supply of nutrition to remain active.

The heart is one of the most important organ of the body which is very crucial for the survival.

One of the most serious problem with the heart is coronary artery disease. Coronary artery supply blood to the heart muscles. And, build up of cholesterol. Plaque inside artery walls is one of most common disease known as “CAD”, (Coronary Artery Disease). Plaque is made up by fat, cholesterol, calcium and other substances found in blood. Over the time, these plaque hardeus and narrows artery which in general terms known as blocking. Those partial blocking of veins (narrowing of arteries) will lead to chest pain (angina), Heart attack. The heart may not receive sufficient blood when its demand is very high during physical activity.

Second, serious problem is high level of triglyceroids. Tryglyceroids are type of fat in blood. The unused calories stored in fat cells in the form of triglyceroids. The level of tryglycerods increases due to obesity and on proper control of diabetes. And, triglyceroids contribute to hardening of arteries and thickening of artery walls. Ultimately, lead to increase of risk of heart problems.

There are range of Herbs available which are helpful to Heart Diseases. These herbs contains one or more useful chemical compounds which may help in lowering the level of cholesterol and/or triglyceroids.

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