“Diabetes means blood sugar level is high than normal”

Insulin released from pancreas helps glucose available in the food convert into energy and transfer to cells. Sometime, pancreas doesn’t release enough insulin, in that case, blood sugar level rises. If blood sugar level is higher than normal is known as “Diabetes”.

If person is diabetic, he may face many serious health problems like :

  • Heart disease
  • Eye damage
  • Brain damage
  • Foot damage
  • Stroke
  • Kidney damage and many more

Hence, to avoid such serious health problems, one has to control blood sugar by various ways.

Diabetes Type1 – Pancreas stops functions and doesn’t release insulin or release less insulin. In that case insulin is regularly given to maintain blood sugar level.

Diabetes Type2 – Pancreas works partially and release less insulin. In this case either pancreas doesn’t release sufficient insulin or insulin doesn’t work properly.

Many research studies has confirmed that many herbs having hypoglycaemic effect which are beneficial for the management of diabetes. Those herbs may either delay the development of diabetic complications and/or set right the metabolic abnormalities in the body to lower blood sugar level.

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